Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Type Is...

I love fonts- I get lost in the little and big nuances that separate one from the other. Now I have found out not only do I love type, and have a type (tall, dark and handsome is just fine with me...) but I am a type- literally.

I found this quiz while doodling around over at Jessica Jones' How About Orange blog and was eager to see what type I am. I was diagnosed by the resident fontaphile as Architype Van Doesburg- not the prettiest font, but the description fits my personality quite well. What does it mean, I wonder, if I think my type is ugly but agree with the profile? (Problems with my own apperance? Pretty on the inside? Okay to look at but has a great personality? :) I guess I am the type that reads too much into her type. Type-casting? Typical. Lie back on the sofa, have a drink of water and see what your type is here. (Oh and the password is character.)

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