Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Day...

Like every other day, it starts out being covered in food. Today's menu features Avery covered in strawberry preserves. Please note that yes, yes that is food- not a scratch of some sort by his eye and all over his nose. They are good preserves, what can I say? After a quick wash up (one of many throughout the day, culminating in a bath) we head to the flower market. I swear nobody there knows me, they just know the boys.

Where I really was shopping for somebody else, these just jumped into my hands. I totally am telling the truth, that really is how it happens. Come on now, admit it...its yummy-no?

French Heather- all octopus and completely fantastic looking. (If octopus had 10 arms....)

Hello pretty- I'm in love with you.

I really went to the market for these- Amnesia roses...the first time I saw them, I stopped dead in my tracks and asked my flower goddess (rep/sales person) Michelle what they were and she said..." I know...I know...I know...." You would have thought we were talking about Gerard Butler or some other Hollywood hunkie the way we were giggling and making eyes at the well, flowers. This picture doesn't really do them justice. They are pale pale pale dusty purple and cream with just a little green and a faint hint of something pink. To me, they look like they have been locked up in some glorious Victorian mansion for the past 125 years and suddenly appeared to make their debut at a ball...yes, they are that pretty. They are featured in Martha Stewart Living's February issue about roses, so I am sure they are about to explode with popularity.

They are for a bride I am wooing. Like a hey, thanks for considering me with other florists and here is a present...by no means a bribe...a bridal bribe...and it was her birthday the other day so it really could be a birthday bridal bribe by Becca. Ha, hmmm. Pictures of the bribe er present later. After I got the flowers cleaned, it started to snow. The really big chunky flakes that are so pretty I thought I would take a picture of it for you- this is how it came out.

Almost more pretty than the snow itself. This is my Grandfatherly Oak in our backyard. He is so big & old that he says the cold doesn't bother him. Lucky him.

Like faerie dust being sprinkled on us...or like a snow globe being shaken...oh snow you can be so lovely. Then we made dinner and played get the dinosaur slipper away from Leo. He is so damn naughty. He is a demon dog. Look- his eyes are even glowing red- I swear it has nothing to do with the camera. I think it took us at least a dozen laps around the dining room table before we finally caught him. Stupid dog.

Then Bath, books & bed for all of my boys, and a breather for me.

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