Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Past

I am always so taken by surprise when the holiday season is over. Didn't we just put up our Christmas tree? I think I am still recovering (as is my house) from the whirlwind of preparations for presents, parties, people and partridges in pear trees. (I'm pooped.) We finally caught up to the Christmas "L" train- the night before Christmas Eve. (Would that be the eve of the eve?) The boys were ecstatic. Ezra got to tell the nicest Santa I've ever met what he wanted for Christmas & Avery got to taste his first candy cane. Life is good.

Christmas morning the boys woke up blissfully late- to find out they had been visited by the "Jolly Old Elf" who was kind enough to leave the boys a letter for each of them regaling the ongoings of the North Pole. (We have been receiving these since Ezra was born, now the boys both get their own, and one day when they are older or perhaps have children I will bind up all of their letters into a book, so they can remember or recapture the excitement of years past....) Ezra iced special cookies for Santa, and was so pleased that he had eaten all of them- and left Christmas crackers for all of us.

We all wear the tissue paper hats until the unwrapping is over- I'll spare you the pictures of me & Jay and just let you see Avery.

I think he is already eating in this picture. (Go figure.)
We finished out the week with some sledding, snowball fights & "skating" on the sheets of ice on our sidewalks.

We popped streamers into the Christmas tree to welcome in the New Year.

And floated away on Champagne bubbles... which was great that night, but not so much the next morning. (When will I ever learn?)

And now, it is all over. I always feel a little sad when the holidays are gone. (I would say blue, but that would just be too corny-so I won't.) There aren't quite as many twinkle lights decorating my neighborhood. Christmas trees which reigned over our houses as a crowning decoration are dotting the streets outside, awaiting the mulch-man/garbage-man to take them on the final leg of their Christmas journey. People are plodding back into routine. I miss the "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year" that was wished to or by me to friends and strangers alike. The gift of the holidays- now passed- the present, is the memories- and now I think about the future.

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