Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Perfect Handmade Day

It started out like this. My version of heaven on a plate. We began at Jam. I had the french toast with macerated quince, lime leaf cream & pink peppercorns. I felt like I was served Christmas on a plate. (Cup of coffee, upper left hand corner- just in my reach-just out of camera's.)

While we were waiting for the trolley to come whisk us away to crafters delight- my mommy ears picked up on music outside of the Renegade Handmade store. It was Red Moon Theater! I was enchanted! (You can take the girl out of theater but....) This is the view from inside the store-

A few of their carolers came inside too.

Then they marched away to continue on their caroling mission. They are having a Winter Pageant at their theater (1463 W. Hubbard) now through the 27th. Tickets are very reasonable (adults $15.00) I think we might go if given the opportunity. Click here for more information.

Here is a scene from one of the balcony's at the field house. It was jammed! (Jam in the morning, jam in the evening....)

I actually put a very small but respectable dent in my holiday shopping. I got something for almost everyone on my list! Not bad! The highlight as always though, was the company I got to keep. (Held captive?) The whole day couldn't have been better. This is the stuff Christmas memories are made of.

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