Monday, November 16, 2009

To Andy

Happy Birthday Andrew Evan!

Andy is my little brother (although I barely top 5' and Andy is almost 6'.) He has been my (mostly willing, sometimes forced) accomplice in performing plays and vaudeville like reviews, student in endless pretend classrooms, in creating sock puppets, alternating interviewer and interviewee alike on our old tape-recorder (depending on who was more famous at the time), in mischief making, in baking, in taking our parents nearly off the edge of sanity, and in countless other escapades. He has been the victim of older sister teasing and at times, yes, physical torture which I choose not to elaborate on- (but if you too are an older sibling, you know what I mean....)
Andy is the most amazing musician. I can almost feel my heart beat out of my chest with pride when I get to watch him play live. He has the tenacity of the truly brave artist. He has held onto the dream that so many others let go of- believing that one day (as do I, and so many others) he will be known. Andy tells the best stories. He has that something about him that makes everyone want to be friends with him. ( Which is usually a really good thing, but Andy also has that something that draws the crazy people to him- and they ALL want to be friends with him too.) He has the heart of a lion, and he bravely wears it on his sleeve. He is intense and at ease at the same time. He is funny. His nephews think he is soooo cool.
Happy birthday baby brother- your big sister loves you. Eat some cake.
(And I swear my birthday posts thin out now throughout the year...they just all bunch up in the fall....)

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