Thursday, October 8, 2009

Must See TV

This is what was on at our house yesterday.

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've seen this. Each time I watch, I am flooded with the memories of my childhood. Its strange how in a 1/2 hour cartoon, you can rewind yourself back.
It was the anticipation of choosing a costume and who you would go trick-or-treating with. Its the smell of burning leaves. The warmth of the oven being on for dinners and cookies and pies. Its the wind scattering the leaves down my childhood street like mice scurrying to find their homes. Bobbing for apples. Popcorn balls. Classroom Halloween parties. Kraft caramels. Hot apple cider. The heat you would feel coming into your house leaving the chill outside. Raking leaves into piles for the sole purpose of jumping into them. Hay rides. Football. Those dreadful black or orange wrapped candies that I think were supposed to be peanut butter but fell woefully short. Ghost stories. Finger lifting. Corn stalks. Indian corn. Candy corn. Pez dispensers. Tricking my brother out of the good candy. ("See Andy, I'll trade you 5 of these Sue Bee Honey's for just 1 Kit Kat- I hate to do it, but since your my brother....")

Now its my child who clammers at me to watch this. We just pulled our Halloween "box" out of the basement yesterday and the little man has already seen 3 Halloween movies. (At his request-did I mention that he is genetically encoded with extra Halloween genes?) I wonder now though, what will be what he remembers? What smells and sounds-what costumes- what parties-what traditions will he uphold with his children? Will Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown have the same effect on my kids when they are adults that is has on me?

I know last night's viewing was the first of many before Halloween arrives. I don't mind. My boys and I will sit and watch and wait with Linus for the Great Pumpkin to visit- all of us-again.

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