Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Flowers (I fell in love with...)

Another birthday arrangement! I told you October was dirty with the birthdays! I don't like to say that I like certain arrangements more than others ( I don't want to hurt anyof the flowers feelings) but shhhh...(I like this one very much.) The bittersweet (the vine going all crazy) comes off looking blurry, but its not- there is just a shadow casting behind it. I gotta find me a better place to take pictures! Anyways this arrangement is packed with birthday goodness....

Lets see, there are dahlias- (of course!) and probably the last of them you'll see from me 'till next year, beautiful queen anne's lace green mist (weed schmeed, I dig it.) Bells of Ireland, smokebush, the afore mentioned bittersweet, and a coup on my part- brand new roses coffee break which are just edible if not drinkable. I happened to be at the market at just the right time. I was whining to my sales-rep (Michelle, my personal flower goddess) that there just weren't any roses or other large flower that struck my fancy and didn't she have something fabulous hidden up her sleeve...her eyes sparked and she said, "Oh my gosh, wait until you see what we haven't even unpacked yet- it's their first day here and they are A-Maze-Zing." Did I mention that I love Michelle? I also feel the need to insert here that I have NEVER been a big fan of roses. A garden rose, well I could eat the whole bud in a bite- but as for the rest- its just never been my cup of tea- or in this case should I say coffee? I digress.... Roses have quite literally grown on me. I do enjoy rose free bouquets/arrangements/weddings- and I will show you some of mine as they arise- but hello roses, I really do enjoy you. I have also saved (greedy little Becca) some of these coffee breaks for myself- its purely research really, just to see how they do- and they are opening beautifully- and look fantastic. Enough about roses (for now.)

Then, just as I was about to wrap it all up- I spied with my constantly-roaming-hey-whats-that-over-there-eye these ridiculously cool lipstick pods. (I would call them lipstick balls- but there is just something about putting those words together that I don't think is appropriate for my sweet little blog....) Another sales rep saw me eyeing them- all boxed up (which usually means hands off, we are for somebody else, not you) and told me someone special ordered them and then cancelled. (Muh ha ha ha! Mine!) I acted coy- oh these, really... okay. I wish I would have bought a few more stems.

I don't think I need to tell you that I HAD to touch them- repeatedly.

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