Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Up the Walls

I have been dreaming of wallpaper. I have no idea why. I want some wallpaper. (I can't decide if that is said in kind of a whiny foot stamping "I want some wallpaper" or a hell yes, "I want some wallpaper!" with the exclamation point. Either way....) I have never been terribly attracted to gold, but for some reason, (I prefer silver or hey, platinum!) I am completely taken with these. 
Granny chic?   This print is Garden by Karla Pruitt.  

Modern fat flowers by Oh Joy!  The print is called Petal Pusher. 

Bohemian by Lisa Congdon.  (Is it too much? Nah....)

I really don't see any of these going into my house (and I'm sure Jay doesn't) but they sure are fun to look at. Aside from the gold, they all are...wait for it...flowers.  Go figure.  If not these, I'm sure there is a print out there just waiting for me.  I really do want some wallpaper.  
See these and more non-gold prints at Hygge & West

1 comment:

  1. I like them, but I am not sure how they would look on a large wall. I am partial to the flowers but not so much the gold. Husband/wife putting up wallpaper, recipe for a fight....take it from one who knows.



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