Monday, November 5, 2012

These Days....


 It's me.  Knock knock.  Can I come over?  Share a cup of tea with you?  Hot spiced cider?  Just to talk...just to be together for a few moments? 

 October is gone.  I held so tightly onto his hand.  I held on so tightly as the warm strong hand held on to mine faded to a withered and wizened one cold and boney, and then disintegrated into a cloud of sparkling dust- leaving my hand empty as my friend quietly slipped away into the darkness. Then Novemember was at my door.

 I'm getting ahead of myself.  Lets relive a little October, you and me.  We went on leaf hunts.  Who could find the biggest.  The smallest. The reddest.  The most unusual.  The overall best. 

 Plans were made for costumes.  (Ezra has known what he wanted to be since October 31, 2011.  I, of course wait until October 29th, 2012 to start any of their costumes.  Ah me....)

 And pumpkins.  We have been supplementing our breakfast (and snack) diets with pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes. Every chance we get.  Too much of a good thing?  Never. (Don't even get me started on pumpkin lattes...or pumpkin gelato...or pumpkin doughnuts....) Pumpkins.

  There are fewer places I love more in the world than a pumpkin patch, full of friends just waiting to be picked.

Hello, beautifuls. 

Our wagon.  

Or should I say wagons? (I told you, I love me some pumpkins.)  

 The word gluttony may come to mind.  I think of it more as fulfilling a pumpkins dream to become a jack 'o lantern.  (Really, I do.) 

 Ezra is the Headless Horseman.  Avery is Toothless the Night Fury (from "How to Train Your Dragon") and baby bird there...well she refused to look at the camera, or wear her hat (that had the beak and all) for even a millisecond.  Oh well.  

My man carves a mean pumpkin(s).

 We trick-or-treated till we were cold and tired, kept a watchful eye out for The Great Pumpkin, read stories, watched stories, made up stories of our own.  Played in leaves, collected leaves, watched leaves fall from our trees.  Had an anniversary, turned another year wiser (I hope), celebrated life with family here- celebrated life for those who are no longer here- but always are in my heart.

 It was a good month.  A good visit. 

As the candle light started to fade from our jack 'o lanterns, I could feel it.  The restlessness of my friend.  Him starting to pull from my grasp.  Him starting to fade.  Him readying his journey, to go wherever it is the months go, while they sleep or dream or travel as someone else until they are ready to come back to us.  He promised me he would be back.  Maybe as a she next time?  You never know what kind of costume October is going to wear. 

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