Friday, October 12, 2012


On Sunday Jamie and I celebrate our eleventh wedding anniversary. 

Oh look at those grey skies!  And the river! Do you see how high it is?  It was so high due to the rains the night before- and the morning of our wedding, it flooded the area of this island on which we were supposed to get married.  Supposed to.  (I spent most of my childhood playing here, the island itself- in a forest preserve is called the "Isle of View" I mean come on!  What could have been more perfect?)  Supposed to have been....
But it was perfect.  
I got to marry that man standing there.  He still looks at me that way.  I still smile and blush the same way I am in this picture because of his look. He still grabs a hold of my hand- usually, somehow when I need it the most. Still.  Eleven years later.  
We spent the day with our family and friends- eating and drinking and laughing and celebrating being in love and being alive.  
Its not just the fourteenth of October I am so grateful for.  Our sweet, funny, rainy, chilly, grey, heart-achingly beautiful October day, no- its today and the everyday and all of the in-between days I am grateful for...but especially this day...our fourteenth of October.
I love you to the stars Jamie Blue, I do. 


  1. Happy Anniversary! Best wishes for many more lovely years. Gorgeous dress and photo.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations! Love this picture, you both look beautiful and happy.

    1. Thank you!!! Eleven years later and we still are! :)



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