Monday, October 8, 2012

...And Now a Word on October...

I'm late. Its nothing unusual. In a blink of an eye we are a week into October.  Hocus- pocus.  Poof! Why does this month always seem to travel by faster than any of the rest?  October.  Even saying it has the promise of crunchy leaves, juicy apples, warm sweaters, hot ovens, sweet candy, crisp winds, cozy fires, and...pumpkins.  (Not familiar with my very small pumpkin addiction?  Oh you will be.)

I often think of the months as if they were people.  Friends to come and visit and stay for just a while.  (Some, over stay their welcome- like any friend can, and we are all to happy to see them go, but then we welcome them right back again come their turn next year.) October is my dearest of these friends, with such ties to my heart. (Always welcome, never over stays, in fact- usually leaves before I'm ready to say goodbye....) Is October one of the oldest months, dark and mysterious and looming?  Or is October one of the youngest months, playful- full of tricks and treats?  These are the things I wonder as I fall asleep between my deliciously chilly sheets, burrowing into Jamie as I hear the tree's barren branches tap tap tapping against a window, or the roof- is that October trying to get in? Hello friend- so nice of you to visit again.  I do hope you do stay awhile. 

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