Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Iris Evangelene 15 Months

Iris turned 15 months over the weekend. She walks. Really walks. Not just a few "drunken sailor" wobbly steps here and there- but can make it on two mostly sturdy sea-legs for quite a distance.  If it concerns moving quickly for something, (like food, taking something away from her brothers, or rescuing a "baby" from the dog) she drops to all fours and double-times it.  She has been sticking her bottom two teeth out lately...something like this.

Iris says Mama.  But it isn't a sweet and a quiet little coo like she says Dada.  Its a wail.  A cry. A scream.  "Maaaaaaa-ma!" "Maaaaaaaaa-ma!" She only says it when she wants something.  I finally got the word I have been waiting for- and its like a shriek from an old society lady waiting for her maid to bring her some hot tea, or her hat, or to stoke the fire.  Really.  

Iris also says Elmo now.  So, we see where I rank.  Elmo gets the same tonal affection that Dada gets.  "El-mo...Dada...Dot (dog)...MAAAAAAA-MA!"

Yeah.  Apparently her Ladyship needs her hat.  (Or a nap.)

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