Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Calvin & Jordan Part I

Well, looking over the past x many posts...its been just a wee bit kid-centric around here...hasn't it? Lets talk for flowers today. Here are a few glimpses into a recent wedding- all whites and greens with touches of blues.  Mercury glass and sparkles and lots of candlelight.  (And just between you and me, my biggest under taking to date- big exhale!) 
Weeping birch with orchids and mercury glass votives dangled in front of their alter. (And yes, those are garden trellises sprayed silver to mimic church windows- they were married in the same room the reception took place in- these were done by the Mother of the Bride.)

The sweetest little mercury glass baskets lined the aisle. 

Morning glory greens, (I love that their leaves are heart shaped!) spray roses, lisianthus and tweedia in tiny little mercury glass bowls. 

The reception had three different table-scapes.  One was with big mercury glass hurricanes and pee-wee arrangements around it.  

Two was footed mercury glass bowls filled with hydrangea, garden roses, orchids, scabiosa, cornflower and amaranthus.  

And three was tall.  (And I'm hoping, out there somewhere there are better pictures of them- as none of mine turned out.)

The head table was decorated with more branches & orchids and votives- and then the wedding party's bouquets went in to the empty vases that are running down the middle.


The Limelight hydrangea below...HUGE.  Huge and heavenly. 

Underneath the arrangement above, are about a jillion silver painted & glittered nuts.  (I did not do these, the Mother of the Bride did....) It references the couples new last name, and a running theme for the evening.

You could say they are nuts for each other. (Come on, I couldn't resist. ) 

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