Friday, July 13, 2012

Iris Evangelene 13 Months

Well, mostly.  She is 13 months and 13 days.  (How fitting to put this up then, on Friday the 13th- perhaps for a little luck?) I think Iris actually knew what was going on when I put her up on the pink chair. That it was time for her monthly photo shoot.  Well, okay then- lets go. 

Two older ladies came and sat next to Iris and me yesterday at the park and practically squealed together, "Oooooh! I love me a FAT baby!"  I think Iris thought they were talking about me.  She just smiled politely at them and did her no-no-no shake of her head.  You have to admit, her dimples are delicious. 
(Biased, I know.)
Iris is sporting two fresh new teeth, knows her nose (and Mama's nose, and Daddy's nose and Dog's nose...) but still refuses to say Mama.  I am fairly certain its a tortuous game she has devised.  
(To torture me.  Already.  She isn't even a teenager yet.) 

More mobile than ever- she is just on the teetering of toddling.  Climbing however, no problem.  (Oh no! Another dare devil?! I knew she had to have some of Avery in her....)

Annnnnndddddddddd....shes done. Photo shoot- finished. 


  1. Precious doesn't even begin to describe this child! That next to last picture is one for the ages, what a little doll she is.

  2. That's the sweetest name! My youngest, Eva May, wants to be Evangeline!



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