Friday, June 1, 2012

Iris Evangelene 12 Months

 Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dearest, sweetest, chubbiest, most kissableliest Iris...happy birthday to you.  I cannot cannot cannot believe that you are one year old today baby girl.  How does a year go by so quickly? 

 When we went up to bed last night, I told Jamie that at this time last year, my contractions had just started.  We looked at the beautiful bundle in her bed, kissed her and whispered, "Happy birthday."

 I've been told (and Ezra and Avery seem to hold true to this theory-so far) that how a child is as an infant is how they will remain throughout their life.  I hope so.  Iris is in one word- happy.  This little girl is just happy.  She has no idea- the absolute happiness she has brought everyone, but especially to me. 

A year goes by way too fast little girl.  Way too fast for mama, anyways.   I hope that the light that is in you right now shines all around you for a lifetime.  

Happy birthday my dear Iris. I am so grateful, so lucky, so blessed to have you call me Mama- (Okay, she still calls me Dada....) You make my heart sing.  Happy birthday to you.  

(Click the read more below to see what a full 12 months looks like.)

A quick look back at what year looks like....


Ever adored, is she


  1. Happy birthday, little June flower!

  2. Happy first year on earth Iris! Beautiful post Becca (I mean Dada) for a beautiful child.

  3. Happy Birthday little Bluebell.



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