Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pop! Pop! Pop! Goes the Poppy!

I love me some poppies. They are so quirky and crinkly and ruffly and graceful all wrapped up in petal-y perfection. I planted this sweet baby- I'm not sure how many years ago...six, maybe seven years back? For the first few years I was rewarded with just a single big blossom. Then a couple of years ago I was upgraded to three. This year, I counted ten! Oh happy spring day!

Poppy buds make me laugh.  Their shape and their fuzziness reminds me of something else- but my little blog is about pretty things, and not about what poppy buds make me think of...never-the-less, I'm just throwing that out there, because they do. 

Can you believe the size of this baby?  Magnificent!  (Its poppy, Royal Wedding.) 


 I can't wait for other blossoms to unfurl. 

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