Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scilly of Me

I fall in love with my neighborhood every spring. Like a silly school girl- I will giggle and blush and get tongue-tied and try to get everything done quickly so I can look at everything slowly before all of this pretty dances ahead of me to summer.

My whole neighborhood gets covered in beautiful blue blankets of scilla. Perfect petite blossoms that bow their heads and sway in the slightest breeze.

While the lawns are carpeted in these, it makes me want to lie down and roll merrily through them. (I don't. But I do think about it.)

They are impossible to resist. (Except for that whole rolling about in them thing- I really do resist....)

Every year at this time I tell myself that I need to buy about a bazillion more so my yard can also have the carpeted look.

I have a very sweet threadbare carpet look.

Every year I give myself the same answer I've been getting for the past eight years. Next spring.

I couldn't resist bringing a few inside.

From my own patchwork yard.


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