Thursday, March 1, 2012

Iris Evangelene 9 Months

Nine months. I say it out loud, and I wonder if it can be real. Iris is nine months old today- and I don't know why it seems more significant- the fact that she has now been outside as long as she was in...but it does. The idea, the dream of her that kept us dizzy with happiness doesn't even compare to the tangible happiness the last nine months has brought.

Iris can move. I mean move. She is no longer content to just cuddle. (Unless its Jamie, then she will snuggle right in and stay put with Daddy.) She wants to explore- to roll, drag and thrash herself to wherever she believes the action is. (And she thinks she is super tough when we let her stand by the boys play table....)

I have her surrounded by pillows and "guys" (stuffed animals) right now. (No more nursing and typing!) She is happily babbling to them all- shoving an occasional nose or tail into her mouth, just to check on flavor.

And what are those? Teeth! Iris has sprouted a fresh pair of pretty teeth!

Her usual "sleeps all night" has been interrupted for feed me all night- maybe she'll start snoozing through the night again once a few more teeth come in? (Right?)

She has mastered, "Uh-oh" with that baby inflection- and now when something drops or she teeters over we get the ubiquitous..., "Uh-oh...uh-oh...uh-oh..." followed by bursts of giggles- she is just so, so happy, this sweet baby.

We are too little girl- your Mama and Daddy and brothers and everyone else who knows you- we are too.


  1. 9 months is my absolute FAVORITE baby age, and you little girl-munchkin does not disappoint. Hooray Iris!

  2. I wish I could keep here at 9 months- for at least a few more months! (I also wish there was a "like" button for comments left!)



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