Monday, February 6, 2012

WTF! (What the FLOWER!)

You know me, I get giddy at the sight of my gardens waking up from their wintery snooze- showing signs of life. But in the first week of February? Eeeeek! Not so much. Here is a crocus, that I'm afraid could well, croak- if he keeps coming. I have given this whole bed a bundle of evergreen branches to act as "bedding" if you will. (I hope it helps!)

These are those crazy star flowers that have helped themselves around my entire backyard! Go back to bed you daffy plants!

Even uncovered, completely naked- they still think its time to get growing.

Speaking of daffy plants, here are daffodils. Just a little patch of the huge wave in the shade garden.

They aren't the only ones waving. They all are. In the first week of February. Eeeek.

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