Monday, February 13, 2012

Soft Focus Flowers

A few Valentine's Day flowers that went out over the weekend. I was in a hurry taking these pictures- you (I) take so many pictures of flowers- and you think they will all turn out just dandy- and then there is maybe one...or two out of the whole lot that are mostly presentable. Mostly.

There was a big big arrangement too- but I decided towards the end of finishing it, that I didn't like it at all- so I ripped it apart- ground my teeth together, (so that I wouldn't start crying...because you know, I was already late...) and started again. In the end, despite my petulant child meltdown- and aching jaw, it turned out just fine- but since I take pictures in my bathroom...(I really need a space to take photos...its so silly me crouching on the floor- yelling at everyone "Don't come in here- I'm taking pictures of flowers!" Not, "Don't come in here, into the bathroom, because I'm you know- going to the bathroom!" Or some such silliness...need another place to take pictures- where was I? Oh yes-) I didn't lug the big lug up the stairs because it was all branchey and such and I didn't want to mess it all up...and I was late.

So there are only these few, slightly blurry pictures. (Can I say I used the "soft focus" on these like they used to do on old television dramas or soaps? You know, when they would cut to the beautiful woman and suddenly, the picture wouldn't be so clear, it would be all soft and fuzzy and a wee bit out of focus- slightly dreamy and annoying all at the same time?)

Thats what I'm going with.

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