Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I have been lost, happily lost...wandering around in the pages of the Martha Stewart Living's March issue. Gardening issue. My favoritest issue. It arrived a couple of weeks ago- and I don't know why, but I wait to read it. Slightly masochistic- I wait and let it tease me from the side table, the dining room table, the bed, the floor- moving around the house with me in our strange slow waltz of the hunter and the hunted. Unable to resist any longer, I finally give in. I Lock myself in the bathroom with it, for just a few stolen moments here and there...(children wondering what I could possibly be doing in there without them.) reading silently and wide-eyed greedily, voraciously. Just a magazine? Oh no. It has now been devoured twice, from cover to beautiful cover.

And here I am, found. (With the spring issue of Martha Stewart Weddings sitting next to me...ah, sweet torture....)

Picture from the March issue of MSL

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