Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Abstract Distraction

The spring windows at Anthropologie are up up and awesome! Each window display is inspired by some form of abstract art, and loaded to the sills with color, beautiful bright hello springtime color. (Can you tell what is behind the frocks? Yarn? Tubes? Noooo....)

Yes- behold the lowly paint stir-stick. Who would have thought it would be elevated to such levels?

And here, what lurks so prettily behind their wears...?

Paint cans- who have delightfully sung- tip me over and pour me out.

This reminds me of a photo back drop we made in high school for a Sadie Hawkins dance. Think Jackson Pollock meets 1988.... (We were cool!) I wonder if whoever made this was channeling him as well.

Pictures of the windows found here. Thank you.
I'm going to go look for those old Sadie Hawkins pictures. Maybe I'll share them. Maybe

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