Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If a Tree Yelled in a Megaphone, Would Anyone Hear It?

I don't really have to wonder what they're shouting about. I'm thinking maybe I will make my trees some scarves. (Would you laugh if you drove by and saw a bare tree wearing a scarf?) Maybe they are telling the leaves to organize themselves into piles. (Wouldn't that be nice!) Or to hunker down their roots, "We're in for a long winter!" Maybe its a contest, maples vs. oaks to see who can keep their leaves on the longest? Okay, I lied- I do wonder what they are saying to each other. "It's fall! Now 1-2-3 FALL!" Or, "Hey Lenny, where did you get the earmuffs?"

Print made by
Jing Wei. Via here. Thank you!

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