Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Anemones Have Eyes

A florist that I used to work for would scan all the outgoing arrangements to make sure none of them had flower "eyes". She would have been all over me about this one. See the anemones in the middle? No? They see you. (In my defense, there is a third anemone...just to the right of the one on the right, she is shy though, and looking down- not haughty like the other two who are boring holes into you...just saying.)

There are lovely garden roses, (Juliet), lisianthus, stock, the afore mentioned anemones, and witch hazel branches all up in here.

After taking these pictures, I added a few more pieces of the witch hazel...it was Jamie's idea really. I always try to edit myself- I think I am going to stop that.

They really are rather goofy looking flowers, I think that is why I love them. They are imperfectly perfect. I've wanted a witch hazel tree for the back yard for quite some time. How lovely it would be to look outside and see blooms in February.

A big juicy Juliet, hanging out, just waiting for Romeo.

Now she, is perfectly perfect.

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