Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Iris Evangelene 2 Months

I took these yesterday (as that was the one month...) but am putting them up today. Here is Iris in her monthly photo shoot. She is getting so big! (Don't you think?)

She is strong. She pushes herself up on her legs when you hold her and flexes all of her chubby baby goodness. If she wasn't so wobbly, and didn't have the littlest feet to support the baby blub, I think she really would rather stand on her own.

The boys have taken to calling her "Baby Jabba" (for those of you in the Star Wars know...) she is making the "Jabba" face in the picture above. Although her hair is just this soft downy fluff- and not a full head of hair (but still more than the boys had a 2 years, let alone 2 months) I think we might have a red-head on our hands. The boys are smitten with her. Iris smiles and coos whenever Ezra comes near, and rightfully grimaces and pulls back when Avery comes around. (Little does she know that he will be her protector in just a few short years.) She saves her best goo-goo eyes for Jamie. She is definitely Daddy's girl.

I threaten her daily that I might actually eat her up. One day, I might make good on it.

And now, she is done. I snapped this right as the meltdown began. Its hard to be adored.

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