Friday, April 1, 2011

Pink is my Absolute Most Favorite Color!!!

April Fools!
It's not. (I've never really been a fan of pink. there is a color! Black, purple, orange....) But these pinks sure are pretty. Don't you think? I was just drawn to them all at the market. Hello pretty pinks- hello Becca- do you want to come home with me- yes, yes, we would love to, and our friends over there would go quite nicely with us...the conversation went something like that.

Lets roses-Yves Piaget, ranunculus, tulips, stock, hyacinth and some hot/dark pink ribbed kale are all in the mix.

Big ruffly ranunculus.

Oh hello pretty! I do love this rose-ah-the way it smells! As for the color, pink is growing on me...really...

No foolin'.
Happy weekend!

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