Monday, April 25, 2011

Over the Easter Weekend...

I hope your weekend was filled with bunnies, eggs and chocolatey goodness.

And flowers! (Inside and out...the garden is finally stretching out its leaves and yawning- I think its actually getting tired of snoozing and wants to last!)

I love the kooky squirreliness of frittilaria.

I made little cracked egg cups at each of the place-settings for dinner over at the Mama Hen's house.

Little hydrangea, wax flower, spray roses and muscari fill up the cups.

The recipients won't be able to tell that they are cracked eggs until the flowers are spent and they empty them out...oh well.

It was just nice enough outside for a proper egg hunt. My mom's garden is just now starting to look green green green- in a few weeks, it will be green and gorgeous.

Ezra actually found the egg that said Ezra. (Avery was more interested in finding the plastic eggs that held candy....)

A day spent with family, playing outside, consuming too much chocolate (and jelly beans, and malted milk eggs and gummy worms and Peeps...) ...well, what could be better?

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