Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness

Goodbye February. Goodbye winter. (I know, spring isn't now, but I really think of February as the last winter month, don't you? I know that there is the possibility of snow in March and- shudder to think- April...but I have taken down our magic snowflakes and have had a very one sided conversation with Mother Nature about the whole snow situation, and that I am officially over it. Be warned! Or suffer my wrath! Okay, the conversation didn't really go like that, but it sounded kind of good- convincingish, right?) March brings my FAVORITE issue of Martha Stewart Living for the whole year, an issue completely dedicated to the garden. What perfect timing. Its not Queen Mab, its Queen Martha that has rescued me from my dreary winter depression!

If you don't subscribe, pick it up for a late winter pick me up...it helps, really it does.

So does blossoming forsythia. If you have a forsythia bush in your yard, now is a great time to snip a couple of branches off if they have any little buds on them. Or, if you don't have any, maybe your neighbor does and you can discreetly and covertly cut them off of their bush- I take no accountability if you should get caught, and no that is certainly not where I got mine...this time.

Scabiosa-left from Valentine's weekend (!) still perky and blooming...alongside a bit of hosta that broke off its plant last fall. I put it in a vase and it has sprouted roots and multiple leaves and will get to make its way to the shade garden soon. (Very soon, right Mother Nature?)

Yes, it does look like my neighbor's house is extremely close...and it is rather close-ish, but I live in the city after all, so what are you going to do? On the up side of my too close neighbor are the trio of huge lilac bushes that you can sort of make out in the pictures above- that have little buds on them already and once they bloom provide the most fabulous living screen and the most heavenly scent that my home gets filled with for a few glorious weeks come May....But until then, I will remain holed up with Martha, pouring over page after page after page of the past 16 or so years of back supply of garden issues- enjoying March.

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