Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Week its All About the Clothes...

Don't ever think just because my belly is ever-expanding, clothes aren't on my mind as much as usual...they are. Even more than usual perhaps, because you (when I say you here, I mean I...) want to look cute with a big 'ol belly...not all schlepy. Well, as cute as you can look waddling around. (And just for the record, I don' think I waddle quite yet, it just really feels that way.) I was ecstatic to see that Boden recently launched their maternity line. There aren't very many choices yet, but I think these three outfits could do quite nicely.

Its just the top in the bottom picture, the jeans are regulars. I gravitate towards skirts and dresses here in the final few months. I have yet to find a pair of maternity jeans that actually fit me, and don't fall down. (Case in point-and just so you know I have 3 pairs of prego jeans: 1 under belly, 1 partial panel, 1 full panel- Jamie, the boys & I were on an outing downtown, just strolling around, shopping, eating, coffee-ing (decaf...blech) when I told Jamie I really needed a bathroom. His reply was something along the lines of "didn't you just use the bathroom?" And yes, I had- and I didn't need to go again, it was just that my maternity jeans had worked their way so far down my body (I was wearing the full panel's and usually have to pull them up to, ahem, "the girls" to get them to fit right...) that they had taken my underwear right down with them and the latter were now currently residing somewhere around my knees. It was all very Gold Coast Chicago, really....) So you see, skirts and dresses just seem to fit better- for me anyways-which is really a shame because I am a blue jean girl...I'm still wearing my regular jeans right now in a desperate attempt to hold on to the ones that fit, except they don't really fit anymore- even with that goofy belly band, the stomach area is starting to get a wee bit uncomfortable...what we will do for a pair of jeans...(and when I say we here, I do mean I....)

More cute outfits from Boden here- for baby, baby bumps, boys, girls, gals and guys.

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  1. You know what maternity clothes were available back in the dark ages for me?????? Oversized Winnie the Pooh tshirts and yes, overalls. That was ALL! There were no designer prego lines, no Peas in the Pods, only overalls. I had several pair, and they were not the best thing for pregnancy bladder.

    It's not as if I'm a fashion plate....right now I'm wearing a castoff pair of Lily's Hello Kitty sweatpants and my shirt is inside out.....but I am glad that my friends having babies these days have choices. The nineties were NOT about style!!!



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