Monday, February 14, 2011

My Immortal BHLDN

Ahhh...L'amour! Kisses and hugs and chocolates and flowers flowers flowers to all of you! Remember last spring when I mentioned that Anthropologie was due to debut a bridal line this year? Well, today is the day of the launch. Its is so here, and it is dear and dreamy and delicious and well, take a look for yourself, I picked just a few of my favorite-ist images just for you. (And for me too....)

After much deliberation, the people over at Urban decide to go with the name BHLDN, pronounced beholden- Dutch for "to keep". I would like to keep many of their new pretties. Wedding gowns anyone?

Do you think I could get away with the red and gray zinnia dress while mopping the floor? Too much? The best part about the collection is that they are sized like real dresses- not the "wedding dress" size that has become the standard. So you can order a dress in your real size for you, and it will magically arrive at your doorstep overnight, with a return label just in case. (Well, the post office or the UPS man might have something to do with it, but nevertheless, no waiting 2 months to see your dress, and if you really like the way it fits the real you...I think that is a little magical.) There is also a pretty portion dedicated to dresses- be it for bridesmaids, bridal showers, or bachelorette fetes....

And shoes! Shoes, shoes, shoes....

I'm not even close to being done. There are also the sweetest vintage-y cover-ups. Gorgeous, glamorous and ever so girly.

And not to be out-done by Carrie Bradshaw's bird- the best hair adornments.

I swear I really did pick and choose. I didn't even share the jewelry. Or the lingerie. There are stylist ready to help you on what you are looking at buying-or assembling- they say "style advice, reassurance, or second opinions," which I'm sure will come in handy. There is also a bridal quiz to hone in on what your wedding style is. (I took it, just for kicks- based on what our day was like and my style came back as "La Bohemienne" which I"m not completely sure I agree with, but fun anyways....) In May they are adding table accessories- plates, linens, cake stands and the like. Later still will come paper goods and other goodies. Well, I can't wait. More eye-candy here at their website. Happy Valentine's! I hope wherever you are, a little romance finds its way into your day.

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