Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LOVEly Month

A modern girl am I. However, having said that, there is just something about the month of February that makes me feel all old-fashiony. Is it the cabin fever finally getting to me- being all snuggled (trapped) in my little toasty (drafty) house staving away the cold weather that makes me feel all sentimental? Nooooo, I don't think so. I think its a mix of many things- finally settling into a new year...(how many times have you still written in 2010? Its okay, you can tell me- I've done it at least a dozen times...) the craving of spring and new life, and just the general need to see or talk or send something special to the people I love... and maybe the whole cabin fever thing too. You can only be as "solitary as an oyster" for so long.... I adore Valentine's Day. (Dare I say I love it?) Its all the good old lovey dovey stuff I really enjoy, you know- making (buying) cards and decorations, baking cookies, buying candies and especially sending flowers! Mmmmmm, it may be cold outside, but the thought of Valentine's Day warms me up on the inside. To start the month out right, a totally sweet card to send your sweetie...

At the bottom of the ticket in teeny tiny type it says, "You are holding the ticket to my heart. Hold it tight, its one of a kind. For questions call 1-888-ILOVEU."
I hope you don't have a low threshold for all things l'amour, I've been stock piling...and can't wait to share.
Card found here.

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