Monday, January 3, 2011

Scenes From the Season...

'Twas the night before Christmas, and here is my post- about what happened at the Blue house...this picture was taken at 5 in the morning...well almost.

The stockings with our names were hung going right up our stairs...if you look very closely you can see Father Christmas has already been there. (Mine looks kind of flat, but it really isn't bare!)

When out from the hallway there arose such a clatter...Mr. Blue and I were to tired to get up and see what was the matter. Then our bedroom door opened with such a terrible crash, of course it was Avery, I didn't have to bat a lash.

At the top of our stairway, the boys patiently stood...with Big Boy, Elmo, Frogger Baby and Guy the French Pig holding on as best as they could.

Waiting down below was some magic and fun, with the giggling and begging to come down the stairs, we knew our day had really just begun.

The first the boys saw were their letters from St. Nick, then an empty cookie plate, drunk milk, Christmas crackers and a dish full of candy that got eaten up right quick!

Even that beastly Leo was rewarded by Mr. Claus, and it took him no time to open up all his gifts...with his paws.

We all passed the day away together sitting in our tissue hats, opening gifts, laughing and playing with this and with that.

Soon it came time to go out in the snow, delivering cookies to all with a mighty ho ho ho.

The day and the season now gone I'm sad to say... we ended it by popping streamers into our tree New Years Day. Goodbye to the old and hello to the new, and all of this coming from the little house of Blue.

Our house, by the way, is still a beautiful staggering mess, that has been filled with fun, toys and lots of guests. As I look back on this crazy whirlwind of days, I am grateful and thankful in so many ways. I am excited to visit and share this new year- with all of you far and all of you near. So until tomorrow friends, I'll be back at this time...and tomorrow- I promise, I swear...not one single rhyme.

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