Friday, December 17, 2010

Holly Jolly

Actually, there is no holly. There is winterberry, but nothing really sounds snappy with winterberry. A matching pair of urns I put together for a business for the holidays....

I used balsam, princess pine, the afore mentioned winterberry, dogwood and fan-tail. Its the fan-tail that is sticking out kind of crazy below.

The greatest part about winterberry is, that aside from the amazingly bright red color it has, is that it will stay this pretty outside until February. (Or whenever you decide you've had enough of it....)

Are you ready for next weekend? No? Me either. I don't care how far in advance I start planning, I always seem to find myself extremely short on time this last week. Its alright, I enjoy the hustling and bustling and baking and wrapping and all- its just I wish I could stretch this time out, just a wee bit longer to really savor each and every moment I have as if it were a full day...not just a tick of the clock. Enjoy this time, and happy weekend!

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