Monday, September 27, 2010

The Visitors

Last Thursday, around 5am (which is reaaaally early for me, I'm a night owl by nature, even getting to the flower market super early, is kind of a joke...) when I heard a strange noise at our bedroom window. I opened my eyes to see if it would happen again...nothing. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. A few minutes later, there was the noise again- a scratching sort of noise- and then I saw the silhouette against the curtain- something was scaling my window screen. Jamie snores- Leo, excellent guard dog that he is, snoozes on his puppy dog bed. I slowly get out of bed and move over to the window just in time to see a squirrel pop his head over the windowsill and peek into our room. He looks right at me, hangs out for a moment (as if he was waiting for acknowledgment) and drops back down, scampering off. I get back into bed- only to hear my visitor tapping at my window a few minutes later. Leo finally rouses himself to see what is going on, and that is the end of the squirlly-ness...for Thursday.

Every morning since then, between 5 and 7 am - and I have made Jamie get up for the show- our squirrel has come back just to say "hi". We raised the window screen so he would stop scaling our window, but even if you push the curtain back, he just hangs out against my window, and makes a ton of noise until I say hello- and then he leaves, having someone else to visit.

Saturday, he brought a friend. They messed around in the window boxes until I pushed back the curtains to see what was going on. Having snapped a few (poor) pictures of them, and promising them internet fame (well, I don't know about fame but I told them I would dedicate a post to them...) they bushy tailed it off to tell all of their other friends.

Since Saturday, Leo has caught on to their game- he now drags himself away from his "princess bed" all bleary eyed, pushes back the curtain, and waits for our friends- who are completely unafraid of the hell hound. Apparently, we have some new friends, who are completely nuts.

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