Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Better Off Red

It is September. September. September. It doesn't seem quite real when I type it. September. Nope.

I usually don't gravitate towards the color red, but these were so amazingly huge (as it is dahlia season...) and so juicy looking, that they more or less just jumped into my arms. (I have mentioned how much I love dahlia, once or twice, right? Just in case you missed it, I lovvvve dahlia. There. I feel better.)

In addition to my big juicy red dahlia there is scabiosa, coitinus, celosia, basil, some unknown little branch that has redish peppercorn looking balls on it and some fantastic amaranth.

See that little bit of red (above) in the smokebush leaves? I think its so pretty.

Juicy, no?

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