Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pickle Post

The Michigan Pickles I bought from the farmer's market. (And here, I must confess, only to you that this is round 2 with the pickles. Round 1 met a tragic fate- I was in a hurry and tried to do too many things at once and was rushing to leave the house at the same time, and whilst shaking said pickles in their jar, I shook it too hard. The jar hit the counter, and shattered. Leaving pickle shards, glass shrapnel and vinegary brine mixture all over my kitchen. I had to go. I was running late. I smiled apologetically at Jamie and left him to clean up my pickle predicament. I felt sort of bad...let me repeat, sort of- cleaning up once after me is a role reversal that I will admit I kind of enjoyed. Kind of. Okay, I did. Not as much as crunching on a pickle later though, I'm sure.) So...round 2, brought to you by the letter P. (Too much Sesame Street. Sorry.)

My cooking assistant. Not Ezra. The other assistant. The clean up crew. Already begging and I haven't even started. Rotten dog. He doesn't even know what I'm doing, he just knows he wants some.

I tried 2 different types- one is a garlicky dill. The other is just kind of an old fashioned quick "fridge" pickle. Those should be ready about now.

The quick pickle has white onion, bay leaves, clove, dill, black pepper, a goodly amount of red pepper (I like it hot, what can I say...) and is in a salt/sugar/vinegar mix. I hope they aren't too sweet. I don't like bread-n-butter type pickles. That is why I tried two- but they will not be ready till next week. They have just dill, garlic and salt with the vinegar. We shall see.

Look at this face. Its for pickle butts. My dog begs for pickle butts.

Okay, so I gave him pickle butts, but come on.

I guess feeding him them is better than him helping himself straight off the counter. Which he has done. Which he will do again, should the situation present itself.

I'll get back to you on the outcome and my preferred pickle pick.

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