Monday, July 19, 2010

A Toy Story...

Do summer weekends always seem to breeze by faster than those of the rest of the year? This weekend I was armed with a lengthy list of this and that's- of tasks I wanted to get done. Only one did.

We took Ezra to see Toy Story 3. And while listening to our child giggle in the seat next to us, I think Jamie and I both were transported back in time- the time that Ezra currently occupies- where a bear, a kingdom of Legos, a vintage tea set, or perhaps an elephant are the vessels to help carry us to a far off magical place. A place where anything can happen because the imagination of a child is absolutely limitless. Just like in the movie, my child plays in a way that astonishes and delights me- real friends- or imaginary, it makes no difference and knows no bounds. I know how I played as a child...a real friend was nice, but hardly necessary- when I had my Snoopy, a small bandy of teddy bears and piles of vintage clothing to host a party for fairy friends, or for yet another premier (which all my stuffed friends were sure would be my break-through role of a Tony nominated Broadway show....) I have been told that Jamie played the same way- creating empires from a vast array of toys to defend or be overtaken by the "Dark Side" , ships of all kinds to explore uninhabited planets, or at the very least to construct a house for the wayward frog or toad he went swamping for. That is what the movie did for me anyway. With my very long list of "adult" things to do, it brought me back and reminded me of a time where there was nothing in the world more important to do-but dream and play.

Isn't it funny, I think as a child, these are the exact images that I would have imagined for myself (okay, maybe not exact...but you know what I mean...) as the perfect tree-house. Perhaps while laying on my flat, unsided & unroofed version in my cherry tree, this is what I was pretending I was in. Maybe, (or most likely) I still do. (Scottish sea & mist and Princess and the Pea perfect bedding included.) Look for me and this bed up in the uppermost brambles...can you see us? Snoopy and I have just finished reading stories to each other and are now playing hide-and-go-seek.

First image from here, second from here via here
. Thank you.

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