Monday, July 26, 2010

Tie One On

Have you noticed the come-back kid that is the bow tie? I have seen them popping up all over repeatedly in and on some of my favorite-ist places. I have not been won over. Then I saw these, and I think that maybe the bow tie has grown on me, just a bit. They are from Forage- a new line from Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt the couple that is behind Something's Hiding In Here.

They just did a little preview party in San Francisco and I will confess, perhaps this is what really got me. What thoughtful, fun, amazing styling!

Don't you feel like you just took a giant step back- into a dapper land where you could help your beau pick out the bow that just matches your dress or the blue of your eyes?

A collage of vintage photos behind- all of men sporting their bow ties. Brilliant.

Too fun. You can by Forage's ties at the Curiosity Shoppe. You can also take a peek into the couple's loft over here for some fun, (sometimes over the top) decorating ideas.

Now do I think I could get Mr. Blue to wear one of these? Hmmmm. Probably would take some work. I bet Ezra would wear one. I wonder if I could fashion one into a headband for me?
Via here, thank you. Pictures from here, thank you too.

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