Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Room With a View

I was sitting half watching Alex Trebek, half looking over the destruction that I am fairly certain was once my family room when a slight breeze blew the colcasia outside my window. My attention was drawn away from Alex and the wreckage to outside. When did these plants get so big? Sitting here on my chair, my view out is lush, and green and...pretty. (No Transformers, no Thomas, no creatures or crayons or cars...just outdoor escapism.)

I waded through the carnage to fetch my camera, sat back down and took a few pictures through the glass, so you could see the view too. (In case you were stuck in a cubicle or something....)

Dog! Jealous of the camera...move out of the way....

I know I planted these in June, and it is now (eeek) the end of July, but seriously- when did you grow so?

Outside, looking in. (Next to the colcasia, is coleus
Electric Lime all big and hugely huge.)

A succulent I picked up at my farmer's market last week that I have yet to place in a pot.

A planter box that Jamie made for me that runs the length of the back deck- filled with potato vine, coleus, gomphrena, and rats- the other stuff...princess lace...?

Ezra's plant- his first plant that is his to take care of. It's a "sensitive plant" (did you have one as a kid?) the kind when you touch it the leaves magically close in on each-other? E's is enormous and has bloomed. Mine never bloomed. Sweet little puffs that only last a day.

After being outside for just a few minutes, it gave me the fortitude- the push that I needed to come back inside and face the other view, the one I could still make out from the other side.

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