Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mad For It

Designer Jag Nagra is having a Mad Hatter Tea Party this weekend- oh how I wish I was invited! (Or at least a recipient of the invites- or that I knew her so either were possible!)

The first part of the invitation was sent out with "You are cordially invited" printed on it...that's all- no other details. Then a few weeks later, another print with an Alice riddle was delivered (like why is a Raven like a writing desk?) At the bottom of the print was a time that the recipient would be phoned and asked for the answer to their riddle- if they got it right, another portion of the invitation would follow- if not, well back to the raven- or the writing desk I guess. (And in case you were wondering- there is no true answer to the riddle, although I have always been partial to neither can ride a bicycle. I think Lewis Carroll did address the riddle after Alice was published because everyone wanted to know why they they were alike and he made up something about notes, but that is neither here nor there....)

Then you received this, the request to attend the party.

Which of course was scrolled up and hand delivered inside a bottle marked drink me.

How fun! Like a game before the party even starts!

I hope there will be pictures of the actual party to share! Pictures via Mint Design... thank you!

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