Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Our bedroom is the only room in the whole house that has not been touched. I did put up a coat of paint a couple of months after we moved in- but it was "leftover" from a previous apartment and doesn't look quite right. Needless to say, almost eight years later and my not quite right coat of paint is still on our ever cracking/sagging/splitting/enter your own yucky adjective here plaster walls. (Original to the house.) Naturally, while I lay in bed I dream of what I eventually will get around to doing...gutting it. (Every other plaster clad room in our house has been done- this room is just the largest.) The thought of moving everything out and "camping" in the office or occupying the bottom bunk in the boys room for a while, (we are DIY'ers you know, aka could take months...) combined with the funds that always seem to go someplace else have been what rouse me from my sleeping beauty meets beautiful room room spell. Just to light a fire under me and fuel my dreams, Amy Butler has designed some amazing wallpaper for Graham & Brown. Ha cha cha.

Of course I love them- they are all flower themed!

This pattern is "Passion Lily".

This one is "Temple Tulips". Kind of '60's, kind of modern- really good.

The picutre above is kind of what I want to do- just the wall behind the bed- like a huge overgrown headboard.

Who knows, maybe someday soon I will pinch myself hard enough to stop dreaming and start doing. This kind of inspiration certainly helps.

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