Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Is What I Would Send To You

Hello friend! After such a long unplanned absence, (I have missed you missed you missed you!) I thought I would send you a treat. Imagine going to your post box and getting one of these- a little postcard vignette that is sweetly detailed and grows a miniature garden just for you. No green thumb required. Postcard+ garden= Postcarden! Too cute!

You open up the little package and look- a garden just ready to grow! Little tepees, a fully stocked garden shed, a border fence, and then....

Voila! Green for your windowsill, your desk, your counter top, your nightstand, your dashboard, (well maybe not your dashboard-but you know what I mean.)

There is the botanic garden-

Or a city roof-top scape for you to have a miniature escape. Pigeon coops are not included.

You can buy your own little Postcarden to send here. Click here to see a fun stop motion of how your garden could grow. (Did I mention that I missed you?)

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