Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Field of Dreams (part 2)

I wanted to share a few more pictures from the other day. I don't think you can ever look at too many pictures of tulips. (Well, okay- I can't ever look at too many pictures of tulips.)

There is sort of an ally of red bud trees dancing their way down the property- Mr. Tiffin affectionately calls it "purple haze". It looks great now, but in a few years it will really be fantastic.

I wish the red bud flowers lasted all year- I know what you would say to me, something along the lines of "But then you wouldn't appreciate spring quite as much..." but I think I would. Really I do.

Mr. Tiffin would like to open up his gardens for special events- like hmmm...weddings, which I think would be loverly! After the spring flowers are spent, he said Casablanca lilies fill up the fields- can you even imagine the sweet scent?! What a perfect setting for a wedding or a garden party or the like! (And think of all the beautiful pictures!)

If you are interested in hosting an event in Mr. Tiffin's gardens, you can reach him at 630.208.9767. He & Chrys are fantastic guides through the grounds and you are welcome to just drive by- if they are out in the yard- I'm sure they would give you a tour. 5N150 Hanson Road Lily Lake Illinois- 60175. Treat yourself to something pretty.

I didn't even take pictures of the fruit trees, or the vegetable beds or the rows of grape vines they have growing!

Back when I was, ahem- younger- Mr. Tiffin used to coordinate and shoot off the fireworks for our town's 4th of July celebration. I am so glad he is still making fireworks- even if they are on the ground.


  1. Oh Sweetie! Thanks so much for posting these photos! I needed that! Spring out here is....strange (to say the least), and seeing tulips makes me feel like I am not on Mars, maybe, after all. Just very far from home.....


  2. You are so welcome! Tulips for you sweet girl in AZ!



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