Monday, March 15, 2010

Liberty for Me & Merci!

Did you get to Target? The boys & I (well, I...I'm not too sure about the boys) had a ridiculously fun time wandering around our Target finding all of the goods from Liberty of London. Although there were many things I wanted, my vast list got narrowed down to these.... Much needed coffee cups- for my always much needed coffee.

This flowy little shirt.

And these two dresses I stole from the girls department. Its not that I didn't like a lot of the clothes that they made for women, its just that the sweet details & the cotton for the girls dresses were so much nicer. If the dress fits....
The top one has pockets & a braided back- and the bottom one is long! I've never been able to buy a long dress- I'm always too short for them and too lazy for a tailor. I'm over the moon that I am wearing a real live long dress, albeit for a child. Don't tell.

In addition I picked up some of the items from the "intimates" but I didn't think that they were appropriate for viewing here on my innocent little blog. Check them out though if you didn't- they are super super cute!
I also recently found out that Liberty (and I swear I will stop going on and on after this) has joined up with another darling-

Merci is the store I wrote about here last year in Paris that donates 100% of its profits to many different organizations around the world. How stinking cute is the suitcase below? (And the girl and the flowers...?)

If you look that cute & jaunty if you buy one of these, then I say lets get ourselves over there and get one! Or you could just do it online here, I suppose.

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