Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gothic Revival

It is as though Eliza Doolittle had a mash up with a goth girl and this is what the end product became in a dream. Pictures from Style Me Pretty and I am pretty much in love- it makes my heart flutter.

Black butterflies!
More black butterflies- I know that you can see them too, its just...you know me and bugs and my long running love affair with the color black...black butterflies! Okay, its mostly out of my system. (black butterflies)

What an amazing tablescape- light and dark, airy and heavy, fun and flighty.

Crammed with hydrangea and ranunculus goodness.

The butterflies on the wall are for guests to write well wishes on the wings and then pin them up botanical style.
I don't know about you but I would like to climb into the pictures and find out what is being served for dessert. (White angel food cake with black mission fig compote?)

I seriously wanted to copy every single picture from this series. I never want to do that. I didn't even show the ridiculous invitations, the cake, the plates on the tables (that had the menus transferred on to them!) or so many other details because I just wanted to focus on the well, black butterflies. (Hmmmm.) Click here and here to jump into the dreamy photo shoot.

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