Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day Tripper

I was chatting with a friend that lives in Southern California the other day- the conversation went something like this- "It was 80 degrees here today in sunny CA" "Oh yeah, well it was 68 degrees here in Chicago" "Oh yeah smarty pants, well at least its not going to snow here this weekend...." Silence. Nooooooooooo! Curse you Mother Nature! You tease us with your pretty Spring days & ways and then you yank it right out from underneath us. Snow. Erg. Chicago. Erg. I thought that we would head out to my friend's neck of the woods and enjoy the warm and snow free climate at Inner Gardens. Y-U-M. Started in 1990 by Stephen Block a collector junkie of the best kind, Inner Gardens now has four indoor-outdoor locations all in the Los Angeles area that are filled to the brim with gardeny goodness.

Steven travels the world over to find amazing antiques and remarkable reproductions to stock his beautiful shops.

The first time I heard of Inner Gardens was from my friend Martha Stewart, one of their many many famous fans. (I think Martha and I would be friends if we actually knew each other- I would make inappropriate off the cuff jokes about the craft at hand, and she would roll her eyes pour us each a cocktail and correct me on my techniques of decoupage...or something like that.)

I think I could probably spend an entire day at each location just drinking it all in.

I will admit, this picture below makes me drool- just a little bit.

Come on, follow me down this hydrangea lined path- I'm waiting just around the bend with a picnic we can share. Then we will go to the beach and just breathe deeply knowing that our friends back in Chicago are enjoying their snow....

Or something like that. Click here for more pretty pictures of Inner Gardens.

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