Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Think Spring

Although the sun is shining today I still wanted to share this small reminder that spring is indeed just around the corner. In my monthly (bi-monthly? weekly? bi-weekly? at least its not daily...) homage to Anthropologie, we catch a wee glimpse of their own version of sunshine...their spring windows!

Winter is thawing and spring is beginning to make herself known, at least here, in the cozy confines of my favorite store.

I was actually at an Anthropologie or two yesterday. (Its sad, I know- there should be an AA, Anthropologie Anonymous. "Hi, I'm Becca B and I like to spend way too much money that I don't really have on clothes from Anthro...." Crowd of other like-minded females, and a few husbands answer "Hi Becca." I'm just sayin'.)

It seemed odd to me, the stores in transition- bare walls, only the window displays completed, heavy sweaters mixed in with light flowy flowery dresses...and then it made me think how like winter to spring it really is- a transition. (This very profound thought about window dressing would be better off & more applicable in March or April, but oh well....)

Mmmm. Garden supplies.

This looks like a giant sun made of flowers (sun flower ha ha ha) - or a tumble-weed. Either way, I dig it.

Flowers & bicycle wheels-time keeps on turning? The cycle of life? Hmmmm.
Upon closer inspection, the flowers are made up of spray-painted and cut apart plastic water bottles & milk cartons. I wonder if you can still recycle these when the displays are done?

As always, I borrowed these pictures from Facebook. Included with their unveiling of the windows was a poem by (my favorite) ee cummings- I don't want to re-write the whole of it here, but I really liked the idea behind it- that "spring is like a hand arranging a window...mixing the new and the old...without breaking anything...." It made me feel glad I'm not the only one who reads too much into pretty window displays. :)

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