Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And in the Interim, There is Still Red

You would think that after all of the red of Christmas, and before the flurry of swooning hearts at Valentines Day, I wouldn't be into making an all red arrangement, yet....

Red is the recipients very favorite, who am I to poo-poo on her parade?

Red garden roses (Wanted,) ranunculus, tulips, Queen Ann's Lace, lysimachia, anenome, pepperberry and dusty miller. (Which Ezra thinks is really cool because it looks like snow fell on it, and I guess it kind of does.)

The little silvery balls are brunia.

I think the roses look like little faces that ate something sour & are puckering up. After the pucker, these open beautifully.

Just seeing that little bit of Queen Ann's Lace makes me think of summer. Our Midwestern roads are just littered with them, swaying in the breeze...ahhhh- I can almost feel warm just thinking about it. Except for my toes, they are still cold. Oh well, they are pretty.

Wintry warmth to wish someone well.


  1. Oh my gosh, I did- and I didn't even make a joke...does this mean I'm growing up? Silver balls...silver balls....



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