Friday, December 11, 2009

O Christmas Tree

We have been going to the same place to get our "Merry Christmas Tree" for almost 10 years now. I wish I could say it was some idyllic lot-where you chopped down your own tree sipping warm cider or hot chocolate after wandering around a magical forest of trees...but it isn't. What it is though, is a small family business-trees cut down from their farm in Michigan & driven down to us the day after Thanksgiving. We look forward to seeing our seasonal friends and try to bring gifts of coffee. (It gets cold out there!) Their trees are soft & supple to the touch, range in size and variety and last us well past the New Year.

Loaded up on our "sleigh" that has more than one horse going for it, E waves goodbye and yells "Thank you! See you next year!" (And then with some prompting) "Merry Christmas!"
We are off.
I have been collecting these little vintage ornaments for most of my adult life. I have amassed quite the group- I have no idea how many of them I actually have- but the collection seems to keep growing every year. They not only adorn the tree, but have wandered off to all corners of my house.

Most of them are about the size of a quarter- some are a little bit larger, and the smallest- Jamie found a very tiny box for me a few years ago - are about the size of a a small blueberry.

I've found a lot of them in their original packaging. This one still has its first price tag on it. Only 35 cents! (I wish that's what I paid.)

Now our house smells of evergreen and is lit by the the best kind of lighting- there are few smells or sights as magical.

After a week (yikes) of wrestling with lights (that work, then don't, then do- then don't at all), the tree falling over on me (Oh Christmas tree!), many viewings of Muppets Christmas Carol, Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, The Polar Express and How the Grinch Stole Christmas ( where I was scolded- as I didn't realize that I say that movie line for line under my breath until Jamie brought it to my attention- then Ezra with his eyes rolling saying to his father, "She's doing it again....") I believe the tree is mostly finished.

Emphasis on mostly.
I just discovered a rogue box of ornaments that were not tucked in with the rest. Complete with hooks and all. There is always more room!

And you never know when another box, or ten might follow me home.
Happy weekend!

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