Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Personal Problem?

Hello, my name is Becca- (Hi Becca...) and I am a pumpkinaholic. I just cannot help myself. My husband, who initially shook his head, has resigned himself to just letting me have my way when it comes to pumpkins. He is now my enabler. It has genetically been encoded into Ezra- we'll see about Avery. Our house is affectionately known as the "Pumpkin House" (more on that later) come Halloween. I quite literally cannot pass a pumpkin by without buying. There are currently 4 residing on the front porch and 2 inside. It has only just begun....

This is from last years October issue of Martha Stewart Living. I still drool a little just looking at it. It feeds not only my pumpkin passion but my OCD- can you imagine moving each of those pumpkins/gourds exactly into place? (Why yes, actually.) I am sounding the horn, the hunt has officially started.

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